Houston Mobile Veterinary Surgery was created in order to provide local veterinarians with options in providing the best possible care and treatment for their patients. 

Being a mobile surgeon, we are able to travel to different facilities and deliver specialty care in a comfortable and familiar environment. 

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Michael McFadden MS, DVM, DACVS

Board Certified in Small Animal Surgery

Dr. McFadden is a Houston native who was happy to move back home after many years in various parts of the country. Following his residency Dr. McFadden spent several years  as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Illinois  teaching veterinary surgery to students, interns, and surgery residents. Most recently he has been in a busy multi-specialty private practice and is ready for a new adventure doing mobile surgery. 

He enjoys all aspects of veterinary surgery including routine and traumatic orthopedic disease, soft tissue surgery, and even surgical diseases in exotic pets. In addition to his clinical duties he continues to publish case reports, scientific studies, review articles, and book chapters. He is also an active consultant on Veterinary Information Network (VIN) and enjoys the opportunity to reach out and help veterinarians from all over the world.


Residency, Small Animal Surgery, University of Illinois

Internship, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery, Louisiana State University

Doctor or Veterinary Medicine, Ross University

Master of Science, Biology, Texas State University

Bachelor of Science, Zoology, University of Texas

Research and Publications: 

* indicates resident under my mentorship

** indicates intern under my mentorship

***indicates student under my mentorship

  • Watson, Mallory**, MS McFadden. Drains: Classification and indications for use in small animal veterinary practice. Invited review submitted
  • Oberhaus, Alicia**, MS McFadden. Use of vessel sealing system for multiple partial lung lobectomies for spontaneous pneumothorax (submitted for publication)
  • Oberhaus, Alicia**, MS McFadden. Prospective, randomized, comparison of suture materials with and without triclosan in dogs undergoing tibial plateau leveling osteotomy. (Writing manuscript)
  • McFadden, MS. Suture materials in Exotic Animal Surgery. Surgery of Exotic Animals. (Submitted and awaiting publication)
  • McFadden, MS. Reptile Orthopedic Surgery. Surgery of Exotic Animals. (Submitted and awaiting publication)
  • Massie, A**, MS McFadden. Vascularized pedicle jejunal graft for closure of large duodenal defect in a dog. Canadian Veterinary Journal 2016; 57 (11): 1180-1185.
  • McFadden, MS. (2016) Musculoskeletal Disease in Exotic Pets. In MA Mitchell and T Tully (Eds.), Manual of Exotic Pet Practice. Second edition (pp. 352-391). St.Louis, MS: Elsevier.
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  • Burgdorf-Moisuk, A, J Whittington, MS McFadden, RA Bennett, M Mitchell, R O’Brien. Successful management of simple fractures of the femoral neck with femoral head and neck excision arthroplasty in two free-living avian species. Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 2011; 25(3):210–215
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  • McFadden, MS 2002. Systematics of the polytypic snake Elaphe guttata (SERPENTES: COLUBRIDAE). MS Thesis, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.

Off Duty:

Dr. McFadden enjoys spending time with his "Mutley Crue" of rescue dogs and enjoys several other hobbies including SCUBA diving and playing and collecting guitars.

Please call or email with any questions